Introduction to key loggers & prevention from them

Hey there, to capture some ones key-strokes is quite possible now in order to get the access of his/her social media accounts or even worst bank credentials.


In order to get protection  from these type of key loggers we need to be some sort of aware and one should always & always use osk i.e Onscreen keyboard that is their in our systems and we can get them  as “windows+r” and type “osk” and hit enter as:



Using:Family key-logger

Just install any of the key loggers available such as family key-logger , golden key-logger and many more from the given link as and just install it on your victim or yours too if he/she is goning to use your system.

You will see a block at the bottom right corner to confirm that your family key logger is on its work!!6Now if some one type any-thing anywhere either in the system or in browser their key-strokes will be captured and you can view them anytime.

Some key loggers also provide the remote access and e-mail facility of sending you the log details.


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